Accessories for boilers

1. Laddomat 21

Laddomat 21

With its construction, Laddomat 21 replaces the traditional connection of individual parts.

2. Termoregulation mixing valve

Termoregulation mixing valve

Thermoregulatory valve ESBE type TV 60 °C is used with boilers that utilize solid fuels.

3. Thermostatic valve for the cooling loop

Thermostatic valve for the cooling loop

The valve set at 110 °C is suitable for boilers connected to accumulation reservoirs and closed expansion chambers.

6. Supplemental thermostats

Supplemental thermostats

Their function is for switching "on" the pump in the boiler circulation or the heating circulation.

9. GSM - control device

GSM - control device

Serves for turning "on" and "off" different electrical devices via a mobile phone. For example, wood pellet burning boilers and stoves

10. Zone valves

Zone valves

The valve is equipped with an additional electrical contact for switching to, for example, a gas boiler once solid fuel has burnt out in the solid fuel boiler.

11. Electrical heating coil

Electrical heating coil

Serves for night heating of accumulation reservoirs running on night electrical power.

12. Flue ways

Flue ways

Serve for connection of the boiler or fireplace with the chimney.

13. ATMOS flue gas duct

ATMOS flue gas duct

A thick-walled flue gas duct of 152 mm diameter and 5 mm thickness.

14. Combustion products thermometer

Combustion products thermometer

Serves for monitoring of the temperature of gas combustion products (0-450 °C)

16. Choke flap

Choke flap

Serves for decreasing the draft in the chimneys of boilers with a flue gas duct diameter of 152 mm (15-50 kW).

17. Brake valves

Brake valves

Serve for decreasing the temperature of gas combustion products and increasing the efficiency of boilers.

18. Filter


Filter for fluid filtration of the heating system.

19. Safety valve

Safety valve

Serves for securing the heating system against high pressure. It is located in the water output leading from the boiler.

20. Manometer


Serves for measurement of the actual pressure in the heating system.

21. Pressure release valve

Pressure release valve

Serves for the automatic de-aeration of the heating system. Its placement is very important.

22. Bullet valve

Bullet valve

Serves for closing and opening of a part of the piping in the heating system. ("choking")

23. Reverse flap without spring

Reverse flap without spring

Serves for securing the one-way flow of fluid in particular piping. It must be installed in the horizontal position.

25. 3 ways mixing valve

3 ways mixing valve

Serve for setting the required water temperature. Only one valve is installed per heating circuit.

26. Pump


Serves for overcoming the hydraulic pressures of the boiler, piping, radiators and all the fixtures and fittings.

Configuration for boilers

29. Ashtrays


Serve for the removal of ashes when cleaning the boiler. May also serve as a coal scuttle.

30. Pneumatic pellet feeder DP - LINK

Pneumatic pellet feeder DP - LINK

The purpose of the pneumatic feeder is to continuously feed fuel in the form of wooden pellets diam.

31. Textile pellet container TZ - LING

Textile pellet container TZ - LING

The TZ containers are made of special textile and their purpose is central pellet storage.

32. Automatic ash cleaner/remover

Automatic ash cleaner/remover

Automatic Ash Cleaner/Remover

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Accessories for boilers

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